10 Must-Reads for Aspiring Small Business Owners

Today is Small Business Saturday, a day first observed in 2010 to support and celebrate small businesses in the aftermath of the mega-shopping event that is Black Friday.

And if you find yourself not just shopping, but thinking about a small business of your own, we’re here to support you!

Whether you’ve dreamed about leaving your gig and starting a design firm or have an idea for the best boutique your hometown has ever seen, we’ve pulled together our best advice for getting started, taking your idea to the next level, and learning from people who’ve been there before.

1. 4 To-Dos for the “Someday” Entrepreneur

What’s the difference between people who want to start a business and those who actually do? Being comfortable with the experience of entrepreneurship! If you dream of someday being your own boss, here are four things that will help you do just that.

2. Are You Ready to Be a Small Business Owner?

Going from one-man freelancing show to small business owner is a bigger step than it seems. Consider this as you contemplate the switch.

3. Rethinking the Risk of Entrepreneurship

Afraid to take the plunge? It’s time to think again, says our entrepreneurship columnist Adelaide Lancaster. Here’s why the risk of entrepreneurship might not be risky at all.

4. One Sweet Business: A Q&A With Butter Lane Cupcakes Founder Pam Nelson

We sat down with Pam Nelson from Butter Lane Cupcakes to learn about her path to success and get her advice for starting up a tasty venture.

5. 5 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Own PR Agency

Ever thought about starting your own PR agency? Get smart advice from this business owner on the not-so-obvious factors you should consider first.

6. 4 Great Resources for Starting a Food Business

If you’ve ever dreamed of launching a cake shop, food truck, or catering company, here are four of our favorite resources out there to help you turn your foodie dreams into reality.

7. Think Globally, Shop Locally: 4 Lessons From My Mom’s Small Business

On a whim, our travel columnist asked her mom to come to Thailand with her—and start her own company. Here’s what they learned about success at a small business.

8. Self-Made Success: How I Left My Job to Start a Business

Have you ever thought about leaving your corporate gig to start your own business? This woman shares the true story of how she did it.

9. A Truly Noble Experiment: Leaving Finance to Open a Rum Distillery

Whether you’re interested in the distilling industry or thinking of quitting your job to pursue a passion, Bridget Firtle has some advice for you.

10. Diving into Entrepreneurship? Start in the Shallow End

Getting started as an entrepreneur can be intimidating—especially with hyped-up language like “leap of faith” and “take the plunge.” But guess what? Entrepreneurship has a shallow end, and it’s perfectly fine to wade in there as long as you’d like. Here are five easy, small, and safe things you can do (starting this week! ) to stick a toe in the water.

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